Please join us in giving a warm Anime Central welcome to Kors K as a 2017 Special Entertainer!

Kors K is a Music Producer, artist, and DJ. Although he primarily focuses on hard dance music, he has no limit to what he can create. Fans are attracted to his unique and innovative sound creation.

 He has rose to fame through his participation in the hit music game ‘beatmania’. Since then, he has contributed to multiple anime-related songs, J-Pop remixes, and has released through both domestic Japanese labels as well as multiple International labels, totaling over 500 tracks released since he started creating music. He also uses the aliases ‘teranoid’, ‘Eagle’, ‘StripE’, etc. for various different genres of music.

 He is currently active with DJ’ing in clubs throughout Japan, but also in North America, Asian countries, Germany, and other locales.

 Kors K heads up a record label called “S2TB Recording” in which he has released numerous CD’s. In June 2014, he has released his major debut album “Let’s Do It Now!!”. He is sure to continue to shine through out the music scene.