Please join us in giving a warm Anime Central welcome to DJ DOMO as a 2017 Special Entertainer!

One day, Domo happens to pick up a record player in a forest and brings it back home, where his roommate Mr. Usaji has a wide collection of vinyls. Domo starts playing Mr. Usaji’s vinyls and slowly aspires to be a DJ. To make his dream come true, Domo visits a nightclub owner, but seeing Domo’s poor skill, the owner turns him down.

Dr.DJmachine happens to see the disappointed Domo and ends up making a bipedal walking type robot that is “DJ Domo”, a great master of DJ, who becomes a great teacher of Domo.

DJ Domo’s body is made of full metal. His pair of goggles has 28 LED light bulbs that beam out corresponding to the rhythm of the beats. A sampler is built inside his body, and he busts out all kinds of samples installed from a diverse range of ethnic instruments from around the globe.