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Every year, the ACen guest team works hard to invite exciting, talented people to be part of our event, and music is an integral part of that to us. We aim to inform, surprise, excite, and entertain by bringing a variety of music acts to the convention. From the well-known, to the up and coming, we hope you’ll not only find a new favorite band, (or get the chance to see your current favorite live), but learn about current anime and Japanese pop culture as well.

Unless otherwise noted, all concerts are included as part of your ACen membership purchase. Each year thousands of attendees look forward to an amazing show from our international and domestic musical guests on our main stage as a part of our annual convention.

ACen has been proud to feature the following bands:

2016 Eir Aoi
2015 Naoshi Mizuta and Arnie Roth A New World: Intimate music from FINAL FANTASY, SCANDAL
2014 Nobuo Uematsu and Arnie Roth A New World: Intimate music from FINAL FANTASY, angela
2013 Kalafina, Yukino
2012 Eyeshine, Imeruat and the Video Game Orchestra, LM.C*, Iruma Rioka
2011 Flow, SWEK
2010 The Spoony Bards, Aural Vampire
2009 m.o.v.e., The Slants, The Spoony Bards
2008 Halcali, Mari Iijima, Peelander-Z, The Spoony Bards, Voices For
2007 High and Mighty Color, PLID
2006 TsuShiMaMiRe
2005 The Penny Lane All Stars, The Pillows
2004 SID
2003 Duel Jewel