Tabletop Gaming

Tabletop Gaming is coming back to ACen 2011! Just like last year, we’re a 24-hour department, so if you have a need for a late-night Apples to Apples game we’re there for you!

Our Magic: The Gathering booster draft, the largest recurring Magic: The Gathering event of its kind in North America, will be back, as will several other M:TG tournaments. We’ll be running even more collectible card game tournaments such as Yu-Gi-Oh!

For those of you who love RPGs, we’ll have Living Forgotten Realms (D&D 4e), Pathfinder Society (Pathfinder), and Shadowrun Missions (SR 4e) available for your characters to continue to progress. We fully intend to return with our Anime Central themed Call of Cthulhu game, as well as our recurring Paranoia adventures.

Many other games, such as Go and demos of games by Steve Jackson Games, will also be available.

The full schedule for Tabletop Gaming is still in development. For more information, click here.