Road Show

What is the Road Show? Glad you asked!

Road Show is our term for an ACen registration team appearance at another convention, where memberships can be purchased at a special rate. We run games and contests, recruit staff, answer questions, and have a great time doing our very best to get the word out about our show.

The Road Show pre-registration rate is $38, whenever we appear—that’s the best rate you’ll find anywhere, lower than the earliest early-bird price. Check here for Road Show appearance announcements! To qualify for the special rate you must be in attendance at the convention we are roadshowing at and must have a badge to that event.

Registering is even quicker when you come prepared with your pre-filled out registration form to any of our roadshows! Just download, fill out the form, print it, and come by our Roadshow booth with your form of payment.

Full Road Show Event List:
Japan Festival (Arlington Heights, IL)
Otakon (Baltimore, MD)
Ohayocon (Columbus, OH)

See you on the Road!

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