Autograph Policy

  1. Follow the instructions of the Anime Central staff.
  2. Each person is limited to two (2) items to be autographed.
  3. Guests only autograph officially licensed products and reserve the right to sign (or decline to sign) whatever they feel is appropriate.
  4. Photographs may be taken with some guests, but only with their permission and with time permitting.
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Guest Event Schedule 2014

Greetings All!

Below you will find some handy dandy PDF versions of the Guest Event Schedules. Technically, they are the full schedules for any room in which a guest event occurs. The events are color coordinated: green for guest events, peach (or something like that) for industry, and blue for panels or other performances (like the dances). Also, you have a choice of a PDF broken out by day or an everything-on-one-page version for your carrying convenience.

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murAta Yuzi

murAta Yuzi [JP] (Motion A Day)

Remember that awesome introduction video we had for each artist that played at the start of their set last year? Those were pretty well done huh? Well, our next guest is the creator of those videos and will be the VJ for this year’s Hardcore Synergy! Let’s give a warm welcome to murAta Yuzi!

This Tokyo native is a video producer with many connections to the underground music scene in Japan. He’s collaborated with HARDCORE TANO*C, SKETCH-UP!Read more


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