Autograph Policy

  1.  Anime Central does not guarantee that you will get an autograph and/or sketch from a particular guest.
  2. Guests reserve the right to decline any autograph related service, such as sketches, pictures, etc. For example, bootleg items, inappropriate pictures, body parts, etc.
  3. Do not attempt to have bootlegged items autographed. Some guests may have official merchandise available for purchase. If you have any questions about an item you want autographed, please ask the Autograph Area Staff.
  4. You may request sketches or photographs with guests, but only with permission, and time permitting. Some guests may have more restrictive policies. For example, charging for sketches or photos or no sketches or photos at all.
  5. Please avoid lengthy conversations with guests during autograph sessions.
  6. Please keep the lines moving. Be considerate of other attendees and their wish to get autographs too.
  7. In order to ensure the safety of you and your fellow attendees we ask that you maintain order while in line and lining up. If you are found violating this you will be removed from the autograph line and your membership will be up for review.
  8. Autograph lines may be terminated at any point to keep events on schedule. Lines form quickly and may be lengthy, so plan ahead for long lines.
  9. Times and locations for autograph sessions may change without prior notice. Changes in schedules are updated on our Guidebook schedule and posted at Customer Service in the Hyatt and the Convention Center.

These policies are subject to change at any time during the convention, as determined by Autograph Area staff.

Autograph Advice

  1. Check your Program Schedule for the Autograph Session times and locations. Updated schedules are posted around the hotel and at Customer Service.
  2. Do not attempt to get a bootleg item signed. Our guests know which items are legitimate and which are not. If you have any questions about a product you want signed, please ask the Autograph Area staff.

How Autographs Work at Anime Central

Make your Schedule!

Guests will typically have at least 2 autograph sessions throughout the weekend. You’ll want to download our guidebook when it’s launched to check the times of your favorite guests.

Get an Autograph Ticket

The autograph ticket booths are located in the Registration Hall in the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. You will be required to have your Anime Central Badge on your person to pick up an autograph ticket and your badge must be valid for the day the autograph session is to be held.

  • Tickets for Friday Autographs that start before 1:30 pm open Thursday @6:30 PM
  • Tickets for Friday Autographs that start after 1:30 pm open Friday @11:00 AM
  • Tickets for Saturday Autographs that start before 1:30 pm open Friday @ 6:30 PM
  • Tickets for Saturday Autographs that start after 1:30 pm open Saturday @11:00 AM
  • Tickets for Sunday Autographs  that start before 1:30 pm open Saturday @ 6:30 PM
  • Tickets for Sunday Autographs that start after 1:30 pm open @11:00 AM

*There is a standby queue in the autographs area for people who did not get a ticket. Standby ticket holders are not guaranteed autographs but will have a chance to receive autographs at the discretion of the Guest of Honor they are waiting for if time allows. Standby line will be capped.

The Autograph Session

Be sure to bring an item to be signed whether it’s an ACen program book or officially licensed merchandise. All items are subject to the guest’s approval. Some guests may provide an item such as a poster to be signed, but this is not guaranteed. All items must be properly licensed. If you’re not sure if the item you have is OK, stop by the vendor hall first and pick something up from one of our many Industry partners!

  • Head to the Autograph area at the time listed for your autograph session. The earliest you can join the line for your signing is 30 minutes prior to the event.
  • Please have your ticket ready for the staffer at the queue entrance, they can help to direct you to the appropriate queue to enter.

* Numbers on tickets do not correspond to your place in line.

* It is recommended you show up on time for your ticketed autograph session. If you are not in line at the time of the autograph session you have a ticket for, and we move to the standby autograph line you will need to join into the standby line if there is room.

*Anime Central does not and cannot guarantee that you will receive an autograph from any particular guest.

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