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Disability (ADA) access to areas. What are we going to incounter this year?

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 11:11 AM

View PostSmokey Z, on 07 May 2014 - 01:16 AM, said:

So that's a no on the handicap bypass then. OK, just wanted to clarify. Thanks for the quick reply.

There is a Handicap bypass entrance located in the front lobby. It exits right next to the ADA booth.

View PostKungPowKirby, on 07 May 2014 - 10:27 AM, said:

I'm sure im being discussed quite a bit in the staff section of the forums. as I said in my first post I know people think I'm trying to stir the pot. I just hope nobody gets trampled on that sidewalk like I almost did last year. As far as my tone goes- I'm awAre of what it would read like to people who do not like what I have to say. Believe me though if I wanted to come across in an angry/sarcastic way I would. I'm frustrated with the whole situation. I'm frustrated with things that have been said on and off this thread. The fact that nobody really seems to understand and it sounds like it's falling on deaf ears. That they continue to say it's "inconvenience" when it's not that at all. I'm scared for my safety. The fact is I don't think I'll be attending after this year until I see some major changes and not with just disability access. I know it's easier for people if I were to remain silent. I just feel it would not be the responsible thing to do.

We don't tolerate people ranting about attendees in the staff section of our forums anymore. It is very poor behavior to do so, and doesn't foster the whole point of forums. So I am not sure what you are referencing, or who you are talking with that is feeding you lies and drama.

We hear what you are saying Kirby. This isn't even about people not wanting to hear what you have to say; if that were the case, there wouldn't be feedback sections on the forums, website, etc... There just isn't a reason to be scared. There are multiple entrances, multiple exits, Special Needs Early Bird Entry times, and so much more (there are even security guards and Rosemont PD on site every single day). I really wish there was a way for us to help you manage your fear, but we have pretty much said everything we can and have been completely transparent on this issue for you and anyone else who has been concerned. We can even break down the math of people per hotel per entrance if that would help you feel better. The issue isn't even falling on deaf ears, or else this thread would not be getting the attention it has received, and I think you know that as well. We wish you would reconsider your future attendance, but we understand that you do not wish to attend the event after this year. We hope you have a great time at your last Anime Central.
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