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Panelist Information 2014: Approval / Denial List Latest Info on Approvals/Denials

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Posted 09 March 2014 - 08:51 PM


"Anime? That's not art!"
"Mature" Fanfiction at its Worst (18+)
[BSP] Attack on Panel: Remember the Titans
2500 Tons of Awesome
A Guide to Amateur At-Home Voice Acting!
A Parent's Guide to Anime
Able Cosplay
Absolutely Inappropriate: Assume the Position
ACen Over 30
Adaptations Across Countries
Adventure To Survival Horror!
Afternoon Tea with ZUN, CLAMP and Nasu: Doujin 101
Alternative Manga
AMV Cage Match
An Anime Music Recorder Concert
An Existential Anime
An introduction to the furry fandom
An Otaku Abroad - Japan Travel Tips
Anime Charades
Anime for Beginners
Anime for Writers!
Anime Jeopardy
Anime Name that Tune
Anime Physics Fails
Anime Shows on the Stage
Another Special Announcement - ACen Edition 2014
Anzai Nobuyuki
Are You L@dy? An IDOLM@STER panel
Artistic World: What Artists Need to Know
ATTACK ON ACen!! (Attack on Titan begins)
Attack On ACen; An SnK Panel
Attack on Gintama
Attack on Shingeki
Axis Powers Hetalia Fan Panel
Ball and Joint doll meet and greet take two
Beforus Anonymous
Beginning and Found Object Costuming
Berserk Manga Panel (18+)
Better Cosplay Photography
Be-WEEB-it: An anime advice show
Beyond Good and Evil: Moral Choices in Games
Beyond Pokemon
Big Sword Panel: Sports Triple Pack
Black Butler Q n A
Bo Bo Bo- Bo WHAO-Bo Bo
Bound by Honor: A Yakuza Film Primer
Boy Meets Boy: A Study of Yaoi
Breaking Bandai
Bubble Pop Burlesque (18+)
Bubbles, Glitter & Roses: A Shoujo Panel
Building a Home Arcade
Burn All The Witches: A Madoka Magica fan panel
By Blade of Knight: A Garo Fanpanel
Carpe DM: Gaming Unplugged
Castlevania: Crack That Whip
Cats of Anime
Cheap and Easy: How to Thrift a Cosplay
Contract? Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Cosplay for cheap
Cosplay on a Shoestring
Cosplay Pics: Posing in Costume
Cosplay PJ Party!
Costume Construction Basics
Crash Course Into Vocaloid History
Create your own Mega Man Robot Master!
Creating Player Lore through Community
Cynical Renegades Webshow Production how to
D.I.Y. Lolita Accessories
D.I.Y. Lolita Outfits
D’AWWW! They’re Making Songs With Vocaloid!
Danmaku for Dummies
Danmaku madness in Gensokyo: The Touhou Panel
Death Note Mafia
Devil May Cry Saga Panel
Di-Di-Digimon: A Panel About Digimon
Digimon: From Alphamon to Omegamon
Dirty Old Man!
Diversity in Cosplay
DMI Industry Panel: Working in the Manga Industry
Does Evangelion Suck?: The Debate
Dr Boyslove or How I Learned to Love the Fangirls
DRAMAtical Murder: DRAMAtical Makeouts
Ethical and character differences between the rebu
Everything I know, I learned from hentai (18+)
Everything Kpop!!
Fandom and YOU
Fanfiction At its Worst
Fanfiction Panel
Fans of the Gentleman Thief: Lupin the Third
Fate/Zero - Theories of Kingship
Final Fantasy MMORPG Panel
Final Fantasy Name That Tune
Fire Emblem
First Stage
From L to Conan to Conan Doyle
Funny Party In The Fog: A Touhou Music Panel
FX makeup to gore up your cosplay!
Gangs of Japan: The Yakuza Panel
Garden of Eva:Religious Symbolism in Evangelion
getting back into shape
Getting to Know Your Character
Girls' Generation: A Dancing Tutorial
good, bad, and terrible--gender identity in manga
Grappler Baki: The Manliest Manga you'll ever read
Guertena’s Gallery
Gundam Building: 101
Gundam Experience 2014 - Pt1 - Universal Century
Gundam Experience 2014 - Pt2 - Alternate Universe
Gundam Fight! - AU 2014
Gundam Fight! - UC 2014
Gundam Jeopardy
Gundam: A Universal Century Timeline Review
HADOKEN! An Intro to Fighting Games
Hent4rmageddon: You Can (Not) Unsee
Hentai Hell: The Second Coming
Hentai Out Loud! (18+)
Hentai Reading
Hentai Review (18+)
Hentai: Does This Work For You
Heroes of Cosplay Sucked
Hetalia After Dark (18+)
Hetalia Q&A Panel
Hetalia World Summit 2014
HEY TEITOKU! An Intro to Kantai Collection
History of Japanese and United States Relations
History of the Shin Megami Tensei Game Series
Hogwarts vs. Sailor Moon
Homestuck Slumber Party!
Hopes Peak Academy Night of Despair
Hosting A Cosplay Meetup, The Right Way
How to Make a Panel That Doesn’t Suck -Preparation
How to Make a Panel That Doesn't Suck-Presentation
How to Make An Abridged Series (and not suck)
How To Make Bento
How to make time to make comics
How to Pick a Sewing Machine
I choose you, POKEFANS!
I moved to Japan
Improv, I Choose You! (18+)
Is This a Genjutsu? No, It's the Naruto Panel.
ISA: CSY - 4 [We don't need no stinkin' Russian!]
Japanese Fashion 201
Japanese Folklore & Mythology: Anime, Manga, Film
Japanese Hip Hop
Japanese Horror and its presence in Anime & Games
Japanese Horror: Anime vs. Film (18+)
Japanese Mythology in Anime
Japanime Games
Japan's Wild Side (18+)
JM 101: Japanese Mahjong I – Intro. game session
JM 102: Japanese Mahjong II – Basic Rules Overview
JM 201: Japanese Mahjong III: Tactics & Strategy
Jrock and Pop: It's More Than a Theme Song
Jrock Heaven Pt. 1
Jrock Heaven Pt. 2
Kimono 101: Identifying kimono
Komeiji Records: An Expanding Touhou Music Circle
K-POP Panel
Learn Para Para
Legal Quandaries in Anime: How Law Shapes Access
Let's Form a Stand Alone Complex!
Let's Make a Character
Let's Play Oregon Trail! (18+)
Little Brass Bird's DIY Plush Toys
Live Action Choose Your Own Adventure
Living in Japan
Lolita Fashion Show - Indies Designers Showcase
Love is the New Currency! A Foray Into Tanto Cuore
Maid Cafes in America
Maison Ikkoku: The Musical
Making Comics 101
Making Webcomics
Martial Arts in Media
MaximumWeeaboo 3: Weeaboo with a Vengeance
Medaka Box: Most popular series you never heard of
Meet The Vocaloids
Moon Crystal Power!! (Let's watch Sailor Moon)
More Raiding the Toybox! Girls who like Tokusatsu2
More Than Just Gangnam Style: Kpop Dance, Ya'll!
Morning Yoga
Mortal Kombat VS. Soul Calibur Impersonation Game
MoxXie's Nerd Love Advice Panel!
Mr. Saturn's Lonely Hearts Club Band
My Ghost whispers, therefore I am
My Little Pony: Karaoke is Magic
My Visual Novel Can't Be This Fun
Mythological Archetypes in Anime
Mythology in Manga
Name That RPG Tune
Nanowrimo: A Writer's Kick in the Pants!
Naruto Fan Trivia and Questionnaire
No Need for a Panel! A Tenchi Muyo Panel
No Need for Tenchi
OEL manga and You
Oh My! A Hentai Voice Over Workshop (18+)
Otome Games: Meeting your anime boyfriend
Otome Games: The Real Gamer in You
Ouran High School Summer Vacation Palooza
Past, Present and Future of Chicago’s Anime Scene
Persona Gaiden: The Live Action Short Films
Pester Some Chums
Pimp My Gundam
PodTaku Q&A
Pokémon Contests!
Pr0n with Plot: An Eroge Panel (18+)
Project Game Play Theatre: Welcome to Lumin
Project-H presents: The Future of Hentai Manga
Rad Pack's Intro to Improv
Rave Dancing 101
Revolution of Evangelion 2.22
RWBY: An Introduction to a New Kind of Anime
Sailor Moon Talk YEAR 4
Saint Seiya: Saints of Athena unite!
Seifuku and Bunkasai: Japanese Education in Anime
Self-Publishing 101 (rozfire)
Sessions with Axel Panic and DJ Jeffito
Sewing Men's Clothing
Shinsengumi 101
SHSL panelist: Dangan ronpa 1 and 2 panel
Slayers: Twenty-Five Years of Magic and Mayhem
So YOU think you're a Pokemon master? The Panel.
So you want to make plushies?
So you're dating your persona?
Soviet ACen: We're Up All Night to Get Lucky
Spring 2014 Anime Preview
Stroke, Squish, Nnn, Thrust, Ahh Yaoi: 2nd Coming!
Studio Ghibli 1.0: The Works of Hayao Miyazaki
Studio Ghibli 2.0: Beyond Miyazaki
Super Poseable Japanese Action Figures
Swimming Free!-Style
Takarazuka Revue
Talk Yuri to Me
TBC: RPGs That Don't Start with Final Fantasy
Team Free Will: A Supernatural Anime Panel
Tearjerkers: Anime Edition
The Bad Anime Panel
The D20 Girls Unconventional Maid Parlor
The Definitive Light Novel Panel
The First Twilight: An Umineko Gameboard
The Good Old Days (18+)
The Great Tumblr Gathering!
The History of a Lunar Legend: A Type-Moon Panel
The Manly Tournament
The Now and Future of Bishoujo Games
The One Piece Podcast Panel
The Otaku Open Mic
The Panel of Zelda: Link To The Past Participle
The Piko Piko Detroit Chiptune Collective
The Regression of Gaming
The Saturday Night Parody Panel
The T&A in Kanzume Goddess
The Wonderful World of Crack Fanfiction
The World is Hers, A Vocaloid Panel
The Yaoi-ing Game
Throwdown: The Ultimate Showdown 2
Top Hats, Tea and Puzzles: Professor Layton
TRANS*form!: Gender and Identity in Anime & Manga
Turnabout Anime Justice!
Ultraman: Space Paladins
Unlockable Characters Comedy
Vampires DON'T Sparkle!!
Video Game Development: Start Your Quest Here
Visions in Motion: Auteurs in Anime
Voice Acting Industry: How to Get In!
Welcome to "The World" - All About .hack!
What Did Gendo Say?:Things You Might Have Missed
What Is Most Kawaii In Life?
What Kind of Pokémon Are You?
What We Leave Behind: The Saddest Moments in Anime
When 2P's Attack (Hetalia)
Who is Oda Nobunaga?
Whose Line is it Anime
Whose Line is it Anime- UNCUT (18+)
Whose Smut is it Anyway?
World Mythology in Anime
World of Figure Collecting
Would You Like to Make a Contract? A Madoka Magica
Write and Sell your anime eBook
WWE In Your Con!
Yaoi Hands and Shounen Shoulders: Dat Anatomy
Ye Shall Be as Gods: A Xenosaga Panel
You Wanna Put What?! Where?! An Eroge Parody Panel
Your Culture Sucks! Intro to Japanese Pop Culture
Yugioh Saving the World with Card Games
Zombie Survival 101
Zombie Survival 101 After Hours (18+)
Zombies & Faerys & Monsters..OH MY

Denied: The below were either CANCELLED/DENIED or other arrangements were made with those Panelists.
If you were denied, you are more then welcome to contact us at the convention or via E-mail. If you would like to discuss in person please locate the Panels Office at the convention and ask for a Department Manager.

Dollfie/BJD Craft-and-Greet
Ultimate Poke'dex: Changed to Gathering
Temaki Making Class
Materials and Techniques - Inks
Materials and Techniques - Watercolors
Iron Pen Contest
Materials And Techniques - basic comic creation
Materials and Techniques - Markers
Michelle's Awesome Panel
From Fan To Pro
Let's Play Sonic The Hedgehog!
Why You Don't Have Your Dream Job
Android Development
Convention Horror and Hope Stories (Safety Panel)
A Million Rainbows: A Glass Mask Fanpanel
Kingdom Hearts
Preparing for the Artist Alley
Primer to Doctor Who
Self Publishing and Promotion
Video Game Punel
Anime Mystery Pic
Ask A Homestuck Panel
We Scoff at Inaccuracy: The Horrors of Bad Art
Youtube: A WTF Tribute
Philosophy in Video Games
Teamwork OP! A League of Legends Panel
Lily Girls
Don't Feed the _______ : A League of Legends Panel
Video Game Glitches
Enter: Homestuck
Aniplex of America Industry Panel
Whose Line is it Anime?
Wargaming Presents -World of Tanks XBOX 360
Welcome to Summoner's Rift!

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