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Fruit Bats?

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 10:13 PM

I told my mom I would look into this for her since I do peruse the ACen forums and have attended 5 years off and on.

My parents have an odd type of educational business where they go to various events, schools, libraries, nature groups, etc and talk about bats with their two different species of fruit bats(they have 6 bats in total). They are a fully licensed and insured business.

The other day my mom mentioned that maybe ACen-goers would have an interest in bats. I asked her what anime/manga/Japanese cultural relevance bats have, and she told me that's why I'm asking you. I have no idea why she thinks anyone at ACen would want to see fruit bats and learn about bats.

Of course Japan has bats(as does every place on earth that isn't an extreme pole), and of the many species that inhabit Japan two are fruit bats. However, I still am not sure that bats would interest con-goers.

In doing some google searches I have found that bats appear in Japanese art(like from the edo period), and maybe the word for bat(koumori) was borrowed from the Chinese word for happiness. I'm having a hard time finding any information from a reliable source about Japanese bats. I'm having an even harder time finding any connection to the con.

Okay I found one bat character, Nazo Komouri from Rosario Vampire.

Thoughts? Any interest in bats at ACen?
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Posted 12 February 2013 - 10:03 PM

Just talking about fruit bats for a discussion panel seems like a small topic for a discussion panel. And unless you can find more examples through resource sites like Anime Characters Database, a panel about bats might be off-topic. (I thought of Babbit, the quasi-bat narrator from Kodocha TV, but I couldn't think of others.) Maybe it would fit better at some other con -- sci-fi? anthro? horror?

"Real animals versus fictional animals" is a possible topic, but it might be too large to discuss in just one panel.

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 10:17 PM

I'd love to see bats anytime, regardless of the relevance to anime, haha. Fruit bats are especially cute.

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