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Tokyopop Possibly Releasing Hetalia Vol. 3? Of course, there's a catch...

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Posted 10 September 2011 - 04:06 PM


And there is also a follow-up quote from Stu on the subject, just posted a few minutes ago on Facebook:


Thanks to everyone for your responses! It looks like almost 1000 "likes" at this point. I will also add up the comments to compare "yes" versus "no". All of your passionate opinions have been very useful - both on the "yes" and the "no" side. I'll come back soon with more specific info and maybe follow-up questions. One note for everyone: I'm working with the original Japanese publishing company to come up with the best solution here - this is NOT a decision I am making on my own. We're a team trying to figure out what's best here. And if the solution works, hopefully it can be applied to other titles too, but the decision is not only mine - the original Japanese publisher (rights-holder) is the one to make the decision. I'm just trying to help find solutions. So, once again, thank you for all your valuable feedback! Talk soon! --Stu

Quite honestly, I do find the whole thing to be stupid. I love Tokyopop and hated it when they shut down, and I love Hetalia and would love to get the third volume and beyond on my shelf, but the way that they are going about it to give us the third volume really isn't fair.

Tokyopop KNOWS Hetalia is their biggest seller, and limited copies of the third volume will sell dreadfully fast. Once they're gone, fans who missed out and still want in are going to be forced to pay ridiculous prices on eBay or Amazon (if you check the price on Amazon for Vol. 1 recently, it's almost at $100 new or used) due to the limited amount of copies. That's not a fair way for Tokyopop to treat their fans, and I'm sure they know that. Also, another thing that frustrates me is in Stu's newest post about possibly applying the same tactic (for lack of a better word) to their other series. The same thing comes into effect again with fans unable to complete their favorite series due to lack of copies available, and this would actually seem downright cruel, in my opinion, to those who are collecting series with only one volume left to go (i.e. Alice in the Country of Hearts).

Also, it leaves me with another question: if they are start applying this to their other series, why doesn't Tokyopop reopen their NA branch, or reopen their print-on-demand store? Both ways would be sufficient, I believe, and in this way there is no worries about limited copies. The fans are there, and very likely always will be, so I don't see why either option won't work. It's slightly obvious to me that, despite original reports staying they reverted the rights back to the Japanese owners, that it's not the case, so why only place out one volume of a series, especially one that is still ongoing, then leave the rest to still rot, up in the air, or might place out a "limited release"?

Or, as the third option, let someone like Yen Press, Viz, Kodansha/Del Ray, etc. take over the rights to their popular series and let them finish them in English, since it's also obvious there may never be an English release for the rest of the TP titles unless by the slim chance of a "limited run"?

What's your thoughts and opinions on this? Even quote yourself from the Facebook post if you'd like.
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Posted 10 September 2011 - 09:06 PM

I'm a huge fan of Hetalia, and I can already say that I was super lucky to find Volumes one and two when I did find them. (Both times, last one's on the shelf, buried under other books.)
If they're pulling out this "limited copies" of the series, I know I won't get one. (And I know I wouldn't be the only one either.) Just a heads up, Tokyo Pop, not everyone can stand outside the bookstore before it opens hoping to snatch one of the few copies that may actually end up in our town/city. And there's absolutely NO WAY everyone could pay/would be willing to pay more than $20 (and even that's a bit much) for a volume of a manga. [They do realize we are in a recession, don't they?]
I vote for letting Yen Press or Viz Media or some other company take over Hetalia. (I'm more partial to these companies anyway, but that's just me.)
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Posted 10 September 2011 - 10:15 PM

I think TP just wants money.

They didn't do this with their other series, like Alice and Junjou, they are out of business and not publishing or localising manga anymore, and Hetalia is the in manga right now. I bought both volumes when Borders was still opened everywhere and got the second one signed at Acen. 100 dollars? This is why I hate internet shopping; thats inflation and greed. I thought 75 dollars new for Alice volume 1 was nuts.

Seriously I can read Hetalia online or the blog like I have been doing. I only buy the volumes for collectors' sake. But since the big B is gone, where are they going to sell this? Online only?

They are better off passing it to Yen plus. At least they do good work.

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Posted 11 September 2011 - 07:32 AM

This is what I have come to understand. I could be wrong in this.

One of the main issues with anything TokyoPop right now is that they made a bit of a mistake back in the day. I believe they had given the Borders Group (Borders Books) exclusive distribution rights to many of their titles. Contracts were signed. However, Borders has just gone Bankrupt. This means that all the exclusive contracts between the TokyoPop Group and the Borders Group are tied up in legal red tape until such time as a court finalizes the backruptsy. At that time, then TokyoPop will be able to once more start negotiating distribution contracts with the remaining booksellers out there. With the American Econamy the way it is, there is a lot of speculation and trepidation in releasing anything that might not do well. Hetalia would do well as seen before, but there lies the question of "would there still be interest in X title" in a few months...or a few years depending on how long the legal issues go on for.

I personally hope to get the next volume, but I'm not looking to see it in store until sometime next year...
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Posted 11 September 2011 - 12:29 PM

New update from the Facebook page:


Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm to the Hetalia #3 question. It looks like almost 1000 "likes" and over 75% of the comments being "yes" - a very positive reaction! I will clarify a bit more of the Hetalia approach since there are a few questions out there. First, "limited" does not mean limited copies - all fans will be able to access the title. "Limited" here means channel (i.e. retail). Second, Hetalia #4 would be published as well. Third, other titles are different rights owners - this project is a partnership with the Hetalia rights owner, but titles owned by different rights owners are unrelated. That means even if TOKYOPOP wants to publish other titles, it can't. But if the model can be proven, perhaps other rights owners will let other titles be released as well. It's still at the experimental stage - and not fully within TOKYOPOP's control. Once again, thanks for your enthusiasm and continued support! The feedback has been very helpful - now it's time to work out the details and make it happen! Will check in again soon. Oyasumi!

As well as a further response based on the limited release question:


Jamie Lea - the details are still being worked out, which is why all the details are not clear yet. But it would include printed copies, not just digital, and fans will not have a difficult time accessing the book. TOKYOPOP will be working with another company to accomplish this - it's not possible for TOKYOPOP to do this alone since TOKYOPOP has no office or staff in North America. But the partner is a strong partner that can bring this title to the fans in the way the fans want. Hope this helps!

I like that fans do have, at least, an equal chance to get the volume (and eventually Volume 4) whenever they can. But the details are so vague, it's difficult to guess how they are going to go about this. My guess is through print-on-demand or through internet retailers like TRSI. I'm curious of the "partner", since I'm only going to assume they'll be working with someone like Yen Press or Viz, but all the companies have different ways of translating and presenting the volumes, so it'll be interesting.

I still rather see Hetalia and Tokyopop's other series go to the other companies, instead of being left up in the air about whether or not they'll be published or not, or have them focus on releasing series that have one or two volumes left before doing so.
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