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Registration Faq Read this thread to see if we already answered your question.

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Post icon  Posted 22 September 2008 - 11:35 AM

1. What are the tiers, prices, and cutoff dates this year?
You can find this information in this post.

2. I used this system last year. Is my account still there?
YES! One of the advantages of our new system is that your information is retained from year to year, making it simpler to buy a badge each year. Your login name and password will still work.

3. Blast! I've forgotten my password!
That's not a question, but ok. If you've forgotten your password, there's a handy-dandy link on the login screen that will let you reset it.

4. I want a really sexy, titillating badge name! Can I put something suggestive in that box?
You can put whatever you want in the box, but if your badge name is inappropriate for a family-friendly con, registration staff will change it, you will get no warning, and it is likely that whatever we change it to will be something you'd be embarrassed to wear around at con. One of our great pleasures is in changing people's badge names to things like "Sir Fails-a-lot" so don't let that be you.

5. I made a mistake when entering my name, email, or mailing address... well, ok, actually I just wrote down the wrong thing entirely. Can I fix it?
Yes. If you log in to your account you can edit your information that you previously entered (it's the first link in the left-hand menu). Please be sure to enter your real, legal name and your real, working email address. Without your real name you cannot pick up your badge at con (it has to match what's on your photo ID) and without your real email you cannot get confirmation emails or any contact from the staff if there's a problem with your account.

6. I'm from Canada! Will the system accept my postal code?
Yes! This is changed from last year. You can put a Canadian postal code in the system -- in fact, if you select "Canada" as your country, it's required.

7. I registered before September 30th, but when I go to pay, it says my price is $40! What gives?
Uh, yeah. Those tier cut-off dates are for payment, not for putting your info in the system. You need to buy the badge by those dates in order to get those prices. This wasn't clear to everyone last year, so we've tried to make it much more obvious and easy-to-notice this year.

8. I need another confirmation email!
Go log into your account and there should be a link in the left-hand menu that will bring up the text of your confirmation email. You can print it out here. By the way, these emails serve as your receipt in case there's ever a question about whether or not you paid. We recommend bringing them to con, just in case.

9. What price are child badges? How old can my child be to be eligible for a discounted or free badge?
Children 5 and under are free with an adult badge, up to two children. Children 6-12 are $10 if you buy their badge online pre-con. (If you buy at con, they will be $15.) Children 13 and up are the full adult price. This information, too, can be found in this post.

10. If children under 5 are free, why do I have to create an account for them?
There are a number of reasons. One is because we want to keep an accurate count of how many people are coming to the convention and what their ages are. This helps us plan our resources and determine what types of programming to offer so that we can please the greatest number of people. More relevant to you, I suspect, is the fact that we keep emergency contact info for everyone. If we find your child wandering around at the convention without you, and they have their badge on them, we can look up their account and find out who to call and what number they can be reached at, making it infinitely easier to reunite you. This can and does happen, every year.

11. My child is 12 now but will be 13 by the time the con happens. What price will their badge be?
The system looks at the birth date of an attendee, and automatically calculates the age they will be when the convention begins. So in this case you would be charged for a full adult badge.

12. Ok, I want to bring my child. How do I get the child badge?
First, create accounts for both you and your child. Each individual attendee needs a separate account in our system. Then you need to create a group containing yourself and the children you want to bring. Then pay for the entire group at once, and you will be charged the proper amount for the child badges. Please go check out this post for more information.

13. How do I create a group, though?
There's a link on the left-hand menu of your account that says "Create Group."

14. Ok, wise guy, what I meant was, how do I get my child (or other people) into my group?
There are two ways that people can get into your group. You can invite them (there's a link on the left-hand menu) if you know their name or their badge number. Once you've sent them an invitation, they will have to log into their account, where they will see your invitation on the home screen, and they can accept. (If this is another account that you control, obviously you'll have to log out of the account that sent the invite, log into the other one, and accept the invitation.) Alternately, anyone who knows your group name or group number can look up your group and request to join it. When you log into your account (or when any person marked as a group leader logs into their account) you will see these requests on your home screen, and you can approve their request. Either of these two ways will get that person into your group.

15. I sent an invitation, but when I log into the other account / that person logs into their account, they don't see it!
Make sure you / they are scrolling down all the way on the home screen. The information box is a little large this year, and some people with smaller screens don't see the invites.

16. Well, that's annoying! And confusing!
We know. We're going to fix this in the next version of the software. We might even fix it sooner if we have time.

17. Are there discounts for group registration?
Yes! 10 or more people gets you a 5% discount. 20 or more people gets you a 10% discount.

18. If one of the people in my group is a child, do they still count toward the discount?
Yes. Both children under 5 and children 6-12 count toward the discount.

19. How much is badge mailing?

20. How do I get badge mailing?
When you create a new account, or when you log into your old account, you will encounter a screen that lets you choose your badge name. Right beneath that, there is a place where you can select badge mailing or other options for your badge.

21. Foo! I didn't see that option and I already registered! How do I get badge mailing now?
Don't panic! If you haven't paid yet, log into your account and look on the left. You'll see a link that lets you edit your Badge Info. Down at the bottom of this page you'll see the same option.

22. Bollocks! I already paid, but I really really want my badge mailed! Is there any way to do that?
Sigh... ok. If this is the case, send a private message to Bloo09, Sinstar, Riker, or TheRabbi, or send an email to, and we'll help you take care of this. It's possible, but it involves staffers going in and modifying your account.

23. Is there any kind of tracking number or registered mail option available? I'd gladly pay more for it.
Unfortunately, not this year. We've discussed this in the past and it's something we'd like to make available, but we have a lot of things we're trying to fix and improve this year, and it's been decided that we'd like to do the things that we already do better rather than trying to do more things, at least this year. The system does have the capability for it, and we hope to implement this at a future date.

24. Ok, I guess. So when will my badge be mailed?
We plan to begin mailing badges in January. They will be mailed in waves, with the last wave sometime in April.

25. What if my badge gets lost in the mail or doesn't arrive?
This does happen occasionally. Last year we had a 2% failure rate with the mailing, most of which were returned to us as undeliverable mail. If your badge was returned to us, you can contact us at with the correct address and we will re-mail it. However, we do have problems with people who get a badge, then tell us it never arrived, and try to get a second badge for free and give one to a friend. This is theft, and to prevent against it, we have a policy against re-mailing badges if they were never returned to us. However, we recognize that sometimes a badge really does get lost in the mail, so if this happens to you, you can come to con and there will be a special booth set up at registration specifically for people who ordered badge mailing but did not receive their badge in time. That way you won't have to wait in the line (which is, after all, why you paid for mailing, right?).

25.1. I got burned by mailing issues in the past. Are you sure mailing will work out ok?
A few years ago there was a problem where badges did not get mailed until a few days before con, and people did not receive them before they had to leave for the hotel. In response to that situation, badge mailing was overhauled, and has gone very well for us since. This year we expect it to run even better, as our familiarity with the process means we can get started sooner. To summarize, badge mailing is strongly recommended this year.

26. I'm a group leader and we're getting badge mailing. Will they be mailed to me or to each individual person?
The badges will be mailed together to you, the group leader. You are responsible for distributing them to your group members.

27. Some of the people in my group chose badge mailing, but some of them did not. What's going to happen?
The badges with mailing will be mailed to you. You will have to pick up the ones without mailing at con.

28. Aaargh, that's really annoying!
We understand. In the next version of the software, group leaders will have the ability to turn badge mailing on or off for the entire group. Until then, please coordinate with your group members to make sure they all have badge mailing set the way you want it before you pay.

29. Can I pay by credit card?
As long as it's Visa, MasterCard, or Discover, then sure. ACen does not accept American Express. We accept credit card payments both online and at the convention.

30. Can I pay by debit card?
If your debit card has the Visa, MasterCard, or Discover logo on it, then yes. These cards can be run as normal credit cards through those companies' networks. If it does not have one of these logos, then no.

31. Can I pay by check?
Yup! If you want to mail in a payment before the con, you can print off a payment form from the website, write a check payable to MAPS or to the Midwest Animation Promotion Society, and mail it to the address on the form (along with the form itself). We also accept checks at the con.

32. Can I pay by money order?
Definitely. Do it the same as you would for a check -- print out the form and mail it in.

33. Can I pay by cash?
We accept cash at the con only. Please, for the love of all that is right in the world, do not send cash or coins through the mail.

34. Can I pay with brownies and/or Pocky?
While that would really, really make my day, there would be a mad catfight over which ACen staffer got to "process" the payment, and so we've decided to not allow that. Sorry.

35. Wait.... where do I mail payment to?
The address to send to is on the payment print-out form. If you're still having trouble finding it, send a private message to Bloo09, Sinstar, Riker, or TheRabbi, or email But seriously, it's right there on the form.

36. I sent in payment before the tier end-date, but it might not get there until after the cutoff!
As long as the postmark on the envelope is before the cut-off, you will still get the price for that tier. Don't worry.

37. So, I went to go look at the bill for my group, and now I can't add anyone to my group anymore!! What's going on?
When you go to print out the payment form, the system assumes you intend to print that out and pay. While we're waiting for your payment to arrive, your group is sort of in limbo -- you're not paid, yet, but you also can't add or remove anyone from the group. If you need to have this status reset, so that you can add or remove people, send a private message to Bloo09, Sinstar, Riker, or TheRabbi, or email

38. That's weird. Why does it lock the group like that?
Say you had ten people in your group, so you're getting the 5% discount. You print out the form and mail in a check for all ten of you. While the check is in the mail, one of your friends gets peeved and removes himself from the group. This drops your group down to 9 people, so suddenly, you each owe 5% more than you already paid. This isn't fair to the people who already submitted payment, and it makes it harder for us when we receive a check for the wrong amount. To prevent this sort of thing from happening, we lock groups as soon as we think the payment is being sent, i.e. when you go to print off the payment form.

39. I want to join my friend's group, but I already paid!
Sorry. For the same sort of reason as above, once you have paid, you cannot join or leave a group. In other words, groups must be paid for (by a group leader) as a single, complete payment.

40. I'm going to have a table in Artist's Alley. How do I register?
First, register and pay for a regular badge -- but do NOT select mailing! Then, when AA registration opens, the form you fill out to purchase a table will let you list your badge and the badges of other people at your table. AA staff will then go in and change your badge in the system over to an Artist badge. You will be able to pick up your Artist badge at the Alley beginning Thursday of con.

41. No offense, but can I really trust you guys with my personal information? Is it true you guys got hacked last year?
All data to and from the registration system is encrypted automatically by your browser using SSL. In addition, ACen does not store any of your credit card information -- when you submit it, we hand it over to our credit card processing company, and then forget it immediately. As for what happened to registration last year, the short answer is: No, we were not hacked. We were attacked. All personal and credit card information remained absolutely secure. You can read this thread for the details of what happened, and check out this thread for some updates on what we're doing to prevent another meltdown.

42. I keep getting an error that says this browser is not supported. What's going on?
While we try to make our software as compatible as possible with every browser out there, there are some browsers that don't behave nicely even with accepted web standards. If we've blocked your browser (most likely IE 6) it's because we can't guarantee that the site will work properly with that browser. Try upgrading, switching browsers, using a friend's computer, or using a public computer (like at a library).

43. I think I found a bug in the system. What should I do?
First, read the next post in this thread for a list of our currently known bugs and whether we believe we've fixed them. If the problem you're encountering isn't there, please send a private message to Riker or TheRabbi including your name, your badge number or your login, your browser and what operating system (Windows Vista, Mac OS 10.5, etc.) you're using, and exactly what you're doing to recreate the problem, and we'll take a look.

44. What if I have a question that isn't answered here?
You can add a post to the Registration questions thread for us to respond to. Or you can send a private message to Bloo09, Sinstar, Riker, or TheRabbi. Or you can email

45. You guys rock! Can I bring you Pocky?
Absolutely! We really appreciate the support and thanks we get from the congoers. Bloo09 and Sinstar will most likely be hanging out at Registration the entire con. Riker and TheRabbi will probably be working with IRT. Most of us accept glomps and pocky (though please warn us before you glomp us, and do understand we will be incredibly busy). We'll see you at the con!


46. I got my badge, but now I can't come to the con. Can I send it back for a refund?
ACen policy clearly states that badges are not refundable. So, in other words, no. Sorry.

47. Oh. Well, then I'll just have my friend pick it up and use it. Is that ok?
Badges are also non-transferable. In other words, it is a violation of the terms of the badge for anyone to use it if they are not the person whose name is on the badge.
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Posted 22 September 2008 - 11:37 AM

Current known bugs with the registration system:

1. Badge options do not display in Internet Explorer. FIXED --TheRabbi
2. Group payment forms do not correctly display child badge prices. FIXED --TheRabbi
3. Some confirmation emails are not getting sent and are causing an error. FIXED --Riker
4. Email addresses with hyphenated domains come up as invalid. FIXED --Riker
5. Credit card payments keep getting denied no matter what. FIXED, FINALLY --TheRabbi
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