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Official Hallway Contest Feedback Thread and Winners

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Posted 22 May 2008 - 10:38 AM

Hey guys, Jessie here. It was a very successful first year event. Please leave your feedback here!

I'm removing an award for next year and adding two. I am still NOT adding class divisions. For that you can compete in the Masquerade. This is a very casual event and I would like to keep it that way.


If you scroll to the bottom you can see the winners of Best Individual (Scarecrow from Folklore), Best Group (Star Fox) and Best Character Likeness (Katamari)

Judges awards: Maureen as Itsuka from Loveless, Dana as Bad Girl from No More Heroes and Himeno from Pretear

If I can find my sheets, I will give a more detailed award winner list.
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Posted 25 May 2008 - 10:52 PM

Wow, gratz to the winners! There were some cool cosplays and skits this year.
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Posted 10 June 2008 - 10:36 AM

Kinda wanted haku to win...
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