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I Senoff To My Beloved Two Patch Im gonna miss you

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Posted 03 May 2007 - 07:41 PM

Well, as I ready for my cosplay, I know I got to get a hair cut and have the day before, and since im cosplaying, im gonna have my sideburns shortened, my thick shadow beard shaved, and my beloved two patch shaved too!! Now for those who dont know, my two patch is like a gotee cut in halph on my chin. I cant seem to grow the hair in the space in between, so I call it a two patch. Its awsome when im pondering, I just rub it with my thumb and index finger, and it makes me look intelligent. I know its no big deal, it will start to grow back by sunday, but it takes like a month for it to grow to the length and thickness I like it at, and it just got to that point like yesterday!! Though I still have a week to enjoy it^^. I know this is just something I should have put on the insanity forum, but still. So not just to my two patch, but to all the beloved body hair we loose in order to cosplay, WE SALUTE YOU!!!!! YOU SHALL RISE AGAIN :lol:
The Comedian Is Back Baby!!! I'm now making loads of material to spitball for The Masquerade Skits!!! And this time I will defiantly make it...I will go to any "pre-approval" meeting I have to, so that I may fulfill my dream of making it into the history books of Acen AND ESTABLISH MY SELF INTO MY COMEDIAN CAREER! *eyes burn with passion as I clench my fist upward!* Um..if anyone would like to see a hint of what to expect this year....please visit my myspace blog, for all sorts of Otaku Comedy Goodness!!! ...located at . cosplay plans have been established and locked. To avoid a lot of stress on myself as well as my wallet..ive decided to chose one cosplay to do the entire weekend..I feel this will be more comfortable for me, and also make me more identifiable like "hey have u seen "otakucomedian" ? You know the guy in the "XXXXX" cosplay." something like that..and for my cosplay ive chosen one of my favorite anime characters from my most favorite anime! is!...THIRD YEAR CLASS Z!!!:

GINPACHI-SENSEI!!!!! (Gintama)-can be seen at the end of episodes 5,8,9,19,and 33.
so keep a look out for a guy that looks like this

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