Anime Central packs a lot of fun stuff into its 3 days! Because of that, it’s easy to not know where to start or what to see. We’re featuring a selection of videos that will give you a taste of what you can experience at the con, as well as other places ACen has been noticed or featured.

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Opening Ceremonies – Mascot 3D Animation | ACen 1998 by Samuel Crider

Opening Ceremonies – Mascot 3D Animation | ACen 1999 by Samuel Crider

Cosplayers in the news | ACen 2007 – Provided by KnitChick1979

Music Video Montage | ACen 2010 – Provided by The Enthusiasts

DJ Heavygrinder | ACen 2009 – by The Belmont Sessions

I Am Anime Central | ACen 2010 – VBVProductions