Tia Ballard

Tia Ballard 2014

Guest Panels
Meet Tia Ballard! (Friday)
Date A Live English Dub Premiere with Joel McDonald, Josh Grelle, Bryn Apprill, and Tia Ballard (Saturday)
Devil is a Part-Timer! English Dub Premiere with Josh Grelle and Tia Ballard (Sunday)

Autograph Session
Tia Ballard (Friday)
Date A Live: Joel McDonald, Josh Grelle, Bryn Apprill & Tia Ballard (Sunday)

Wow, Tia is cool! Tia is not awkward at all! Tia is letting you know that we write our own bios on here and it feels weird. Raised on generous helpings of Disney magic and video games, this Southern blonde goofball has provided the voice for Happy the Cat (Fairy Tail), Mizore Shirayuki (Rosario + Vampire), Megumi Shimizu (Shiki), Hannah (Attack on Titan), Rea Sanka (Sankarea: Undying Love), Kusano (Sekirei), Porche the Foxy Pirate (One Piece), Xiao Mei (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Rin Ogata (Rideback), Hibana (Deadman Wonderland), Inaho (Maken-ki!), Eris (Cat Planet Cuties), Priscilla (Nintendo’s Monster Tale), Yoshino/Yoshinon (Date A Live) and a ton of other toons and video games! Twitter: @tiatoony

“Tia is a good person and if you don’t love her you’re probably a jerk.”-Tia’s best friend

“So, Tia dresses up like Mickey Mouse or something at these conventions? I don’t get it.” -Tia’s brother

“Tia is delicious!” -A cannibal