Soap Bubble

The Soap Bubble is the oldest, longest running and most highly anticipated anime convention party in the US. With some of the best DJs from around the world coming to spin for all 3000+ fans that pack the Hyatt Regency O’Hare’s main ballroom on Saturday night, it is not to be missed. This coming year will be no different! Expect great music, an awesome vibe, and a large crowd of the greatest fans dancing all night long into the early morning hours. This is one party worth seeing in person and you truly haven’t experienced the entire convention until you’ve been to the best anime convention party in the country!

DJ Auditions for the 2015 Soap Bubble Dance are now Open!

The Soap Bubble is one of the largest dance events in the area, and a prime opportunity to showcase your skills in front of thousands of eager fans. For more details, and to request an audition click below.
This Year’s Line Up includes:
  • Coming Soon!
Special Announcement Regarding Dances:

    This year we are introducing new rules regarding the attendance of Hardcore Synergy and the Soap Bubble dances. These dances will be open to all ages from their opening, until 12:00am (midnight). Afterwards, it will be only be open to attendees who are 18 years or older. After 12:00am (midnight) it will be mandatory to show a government issued photo ID.

We are making this change to our rules to help ensure a safe environment for all of our attendees and staff. Once the clock strikes midnight, we will no longer be admitting anyone under the age of 18 years old without a legal parent or guardian into the room. We would also like to remind the attendees that the curfew for anyone under 18 years old in Rosemont is 12:00am (midnight) and we are doing our best to abide and respect the law in Rosemont.
Things to know before coming to the Dances:

  • NO bottles with any liquids will be allowed inside the Dances, there will be water stations inside the event.

  • NO bags will be allowed in. This is for the safety of everyone. We want everyone to know this BEFORE they line up that absolutely NO BAGS will not be admitted. The only exception to this will be a clutch/wristlet, which will be subject to searching. We advise all attendees to also utilize their badges to carry their forms of ID.
  • We hope everyone understands why we are implementing these new polices. And we wish everyone a safe an enjoyable time at these events.
    -Main Events Department