Sixh.IBI 2014

Guest Panels
Sixh. Fashion Showcase: A Farewell Celebration (Friday)
h.NAOTO and Sixh.IBI Q&A (Saturday)

The fashion line Sixh. was started by IBI in 2007 uniting visual-kei artistry with the imagery of popular host clubs. The term ghost-kei, a combination of the words gothic and host, was created to describe this theme. With MINT on board the Sixh. moniker, the line flourished. That same year, the Sixh. band was created with IBI on vocals and MINT playing bass, crossing the Western standard of “rock” with the fashions of ghost-kei.

Over the years, the line has seen expansion into women’s fashion and featured numerous collaborations. In 2012, Sixh.OPERA debuted as an independent fashion show imagined in the form of a live musical performance, combing the aspects of Sixh. into a single show. It’s been an exciting journey, but that journey is coming to an end this year.

From IBI (mostly a direct quote, but with some paraphrasing):

It’s been 7 years since Sixh. began, but early this summer, Sixh. will be ending.

Building on the concept of fusing fashion and music, the brand has been cherished by many customers, visual-kei band members, and hosts. I, myself, have been active not only as a fashion designer, but also as a model and vocalist. “Sixh FASHION Opera” evolved from having a vision to expand overseas. “GALAXY EMPEROR,” a fusion of fashion and comics… I have conveyed the expression of Sixh. through one medium after another. Of course, I will have that same desire now and forever.

This year, as a step to move forward in the world, I decided to face my creative will and found myself questioning whether I should move “Sixh.” along to the next step. Where’s the next activity stage going to be? What’s the current state of the brand’s creative aspects? For many more people to wear the brand, I felt that there was something else I had to do to create the next world and make it grow. When I thought about this, the first thing that came to my mind was to go back to my roots and to interact with customers to understand their feelings and their thoughts. Instead of moving forward feeling this way, I came to the conclusion that I need much more time to go back to my roots, to see things from another perspective, and to think of the direction I should move toward.

So, this is the decision to “destroy the current state,” but with a positive outlook on the meaning of “the end.” It’s a phrase that is overused, but “there is no creation without destruction.” With those feelings at heart, I announce “the end” with pride.

Sixh. will end as of May, 2014.

I would like all of you to keep the flame of Sixh. in your hearts from now on. Thank you so much for supporting Sixh.