RoughSketch [JP] (Notebook Records JP)

Our first major headlining act for this year’s Hardcore Synergy, please welcome the head of Notebook Records(JP), RoughSketch. Hailing from Sapporo, Japan, RoughSketch is an artist with an ever expanding reach in the Hardcore scene. When it comes to producing, he can regularly be found collaborating and contributing tracks on releases from HARDCORE TANO*C, S2TB Recordings, X-TREME HARD, and the Amsterdam label, Megarave Records. He has also contributed a number of original songs and remixes to Konami’s SOUND VOLTEX franchise.

RoughSketch is also an accomplished DJ and Promoter, having played at events in Tokyo, with popular artists like Kutski, Current Value, Suburbass, DJ Plague, and KorsK. He also hosts his own in event in Sapporo, YATSUZAKI HARDCORE, which is the major event to attend when looking for up and coming talent. He has also been featured on mix CD’s with the likes of DJ Paul Elstak, Evil Activities, and DJ Mad Dog.

RoughSketch can be regularly found at Comiket and M3 events, bringing Notebook Records(JP) albums to eager crowds, including Distorted Children, Breaking The Rules, and Envy, the first album for the Hardcore vocalist, Aikapin. Notebook Records(JP) also consistently releases high quality tracks from artists like Endymion, Hellsystem, Nitrogenics, THE SPEED FREAK, and DJ Plague.

To say that we’re excited to have RoughSketch attending Hardcore Synergy is an understatement. We can’t wait to see what kind of terror he unleashes on the dance floor, and if you were thinking our line-up seemed a little lean on the heavier stuff, hopefully this announcement rekindles your interest.