Panelist Policy

Anime Central Panelist Policy

All panelists are required to be aware of and agree to abide by the terms of this policy before being able to submit a Panel Application. If there is anything you do not understand about this policy please contact us at and we will clarify it for you.

Panelist Badges ARE NOT mailed out.
All badges are available for pick up in the Registration area of the convention center at the Panel Programming booth.
A photo ID is required by all Panelists over the age of 16 to pick up their badge.
Only the panelist can pick up their own badge, head panelists cannot pick up co-panelist badges.

Office Hours: TBD



PANEL SUBMISSION CLOSES: March 1st (or when declared full)



Panel Applications

Panel applications must undergo formal submission, review, and approval before the panel is included in the Anime Central convention programming.

1. All panelists are required to create an account within the Anime Central website ( before submitting a panel application. DO NOT SUBMIT PAYMENT for your badge before your panel is approved if a discounted or complimentary panelist badge is desired, you will not receive a refund. Payment is due only after a panel request is approved/denied (See section on Panelist Badges below).

2. Panelists MUST specify any requested equipment that we supply at the time of the panel application submission. Panelists are required to provide all additional needed equipment. You will be notified what we are able to provide if your panel is approved.
Anime Central does not provide :

-Any sort of computer/laptop/tablet etc
-Any sort of cable needed to plug YOUR equipment into the technology we provide (projector, sound equipment, etc) If you need to know what type of cable is needed please email us at
-An internet connection is not provided by Anime Central and cannot be purchased for any boardroom specifically. You will need to purchase a wireless connection through the Hotel that your panel is being held in.
-Pens, Markers, Pencils or Sharpeners, Paper, Whiteboards, Sign Stands, or any other general office supplies will not be provided by Anime Central or its Staff. Panelists will need to provide these if they are needed.

3. To conduct a Japanese Language or educational panel verbal and/or written proficiency in the language or topic must be demonstrated. Any Panelists that wish to run such a panel may be asked to interview to show proficiency.

4. All decisions regarding acceptance or denial of panel requests are made at the sole discretion of the Panel Programming management team. A panel may be denied with the exception that it can be re-considered if all management requested changes are made.

5. Panel applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis. Those who apply first have a greater chance of getting a panel slot and their requested date/time. After the March 1st deadline applications will be put on a wait list and will be considered only if we have space available.

6. A single panelist may not participate in more than 5 panels total. This is to avoid difficulty in scheduling everyone’s panels. If a Panelist is involved in 5 panels the 5th panel will likely be scheduled on the Sunday of the convention.

7. Panel members may only be changed prior to April 1st, 2012. Changes must be submitted by either the panel leader or the panel member with the panel leader copied on the request email. After the April 1st deadline all Panels will be locked to the Panelists that are registered for it.

8. A panel cannot charge their attendees money. Panelists may not sell anything during their panel including but not limited to merchandise or supplies. Any panel found participating in these or similar activities will be canceled and will not be allowed to return.

9. 18+ panels will have their own specific rules emailed to them if their panel is approved.

Cosplay Weddings

1. Those interested in holding a Cosplay wedding should contact Gatherings at If the event is large enough we may supply a panel room.

Panelist Badges

Panelist Badges ARE NOT mailed out. Communication regarding Panelist badge pickup will be sent out before the convention for Panelist.

A panelist badge is issued as a form of compensation for the service of conducting one or more panels for Anime Central. A panelist badge provides admission equivalent to the purchase of a Full Weekend Badge. It does not provide any back-stage or privileged access to the convention beyond the ability to conduct their specific panel during its allotted time period.

The panelist discount is 50% off the current tier price of a Full Weekend Badge when a panel is applied for. This discount applies to the first three panelists listed on a panel (Lead Panelist, Co-Panelist 1 & Co-Panelist 2). Participating in an additional panel will grant a full complimentary badge to those who already have 50% applied to their badge. Each panelist is tracked separately. If someone in one panel then performs in a second panel without their original group they will still get the full complimentary badge.
One panel = 50% discount off a Full Weekend badge at the current tier price when payment is made.
Two panels = Complimentary Full Weekend badge
There is no discount for additional panels but we do encourage panelists to host more than 2 panels.
The discount does not apply on top of any other discounts such as group, service, or child badges.

1. In the event that a badge purchase was made before the approval of a panel request and application of their discount, NO REFUND will be provided. NO EXCEPTION will be granted under normal circumstances. If a panel is canceled a refund will not be granted.

2. In the event that a panel request is denied, the registration pricing tier that was in effect at the time the COMPLETED panel request was received will be applied. If the application was submitted during Tier 2, and denied in Tier 3, the applicant will receive Tier 2 pricing.

3. Attendee badges are non transferable and non refundable. But the status of a Panelist badge can be transferred to another attendee if that panelist is leaving their panel and a new attendee is taking their place. Example – A member of a panel quits, they will lose their panelist badge status (while retaining Attendee status) and the person replacing them gets the Panelist status instead.

4. If you lose your badge there is a $20 replacement fee. A badge can only be replaced once, if it is lost a 2nd time the replacement comes at full at con pricing.

5. A maximum of three (3) discounted panelist badges may be granted per panel group (Lead Panelist, Co-Panelist 1 & Co-Panelist 2). You may have more than 3 panel members but additional panelists will not benefit from the discount and will need to pay full price for their badges unless they are involved in other panels where they are listed as one of the first 3 panelists.

6. All listed panelists for a specific panel must take part in performing the panel. Anyone not performing in the panel they are registered for will have their applied panel badge discount revoked.

7. If you are also an Artist participating in Artist Alley, your Artist Alley badge takes priority over your panelist badge. You will not have 2 badges, you will only have an Artist badge but your panelist discount does still apply.

8. If a panel group was a no show at the previous year for Anime Central they will not be eligible to receive a panelist badge or host a panel for the current year.

Panel Scheduling

All panels are a minimum of 1 hour long. Time will increase in intervals of 15 minutes. (1 hour, 1:15, 1:30, 1:45, 2 hours, etc) Panelists should consider the time it takes to break down their panel (10-15 minutes) when requesting their time slot as additional time over what is requested will not be provided for this.

1. Panelists MUST begin wrap-up a minimum of 10 minutes before the scheduled ending time. This is so they will be able to tear down and end in time for the next panel to begin. Staff will enforce this.

4. Panels that begin late due to late arrival and/or problems setting up equipment that was not provided by Anime Central will still be required to end as scheduled.

5. Panels that begin more than 15 minutes late due to the late arrival of the panelists will be canceled.

6. Anime Central Panel Programming staff must be informed in the event of an emergency or other occurrence that will prevent the panelists from conducting their scheduled panel(s). You can email us at

7. Anime Central retains the right to reschedule a panel to a different time or room at any time for any reason. The Panel Leader will be notified if any changes are made to their panel.

8. Panelists may request a change to the scheduled date/time for their panel before April 1st. It may not be possible for Anime Central staff to grant all time change requests. Time slots and room locations are given out on a first come first serve basis.

9. Panelists must inform us of when they are absolutely not available due to arrival/departure times, work schedules, or involvement in other ACen events such as fashion show, masquerade, etc while filling out the Panel Application. We will consider this when placing panels into the schedule. We must be informed of this in the application form.

10 . In the event of a situation that prevents panels from running during their scheduled time (such as a fire alarm) panels that are in progress when the event occurs will be notified by Panel Programming management if they will be allowed to run past their scheduled end time, and told their new time frame if an extension is possible. Panelists who do not return after the event will be considered a no show and the panel will be cancelled.

Panel Leader

Each panel group must select one panel leader. The panel leader will act as the point of contact for a panel group and has the responsibility of coordinating with Anime Central staff about the details of their group’s panel(s). They can contact us at The panel leader is responsible for ensuring that their group knows and understands the Panelist Policy for the current year.

Panelist Conduct

Panelists are expected to behave in a professional manner when coordinating with Anime Central staff and while conducting panels at the convention. For policy violations see the section on Disciplinary Actions.

1. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. It is Anime Central staff’s right to determine what is considered inappropriate.

2. Panelists may not consume alcohol just before or while conducting a panel.

3. Panelists may not offer food and/or drink to attendees while conducting a panel. This includes candy, tea, pocky, etc.

4. Behavior deemed inappropriate during panels where legal minors (defined as those under 18 years of age) may attend could result in the termination of a panel in progress and/or the cancellation of a panel group’s scheduled panel(s).

5. 18+ panels – Government issued ID will be checked at the door. We do not accept any other form of ID. No panelist participating in this panel may be below the age of 18.

6. Panelists may not present materials that violate copyright or other intellectual property rights within the United States. Reasonable Fair Use exceptions may apply. FanSubbing – fan-subtitled content is a violation of copyright laws in most countries including the US. Unless permission is granted by the party holding the copyright to the material. See this link for more information

Panel Management

1. Handicapped attendees are given early entry and/or seating, and are allowed to bring up to three companions. Panelists must be aware that people using wheelchairs or scooters will be requested to park in front of the first row. Anime Central staff may, at their discretion, either A) allow them to enter during setup time (Preferred), or B) allow the handicapped party to enter first once the room is ready and hold the line back until they are seated.

2. All panel rooms are seated on a first come first serve basis. They will be cleared of attendees after each panel has ended. Staff will enforce this.

3. Panelists MAY NOT seat friends or family before anyone else in line unless they fall under the Handicap Policy.

4. ACen does not allow priority entry. Panelists may not only allow certain groups to enter the room (such as only attendees in cosplay outfits), or allow certain groups to enter before others are admitted into the panel. The line will be let in as a first come first serve while keeping the Handicap policy in mind. The only exceptions to this are panels such as speed dating while keeping the gender ratio equal.

5. Panelists must yield to Panel Programming Staff and Management decisions. Any violation of this may result in panels being cancelled and the offending panelist(s) being prohibited from applying to participate in future Anime Central conventions. This includes following direction given by staff, and conduct with staff. Belligerent and/or rude encounters will be subject to disciplinary action.

6. Panelists must begin their panel within 10 minutes of the start time. If pre-setup is required it needs to be done and the line let in by 10 minutes past start.

Disciplinary Actions

All disciplinary actions are at the discretion of Panel Programming management and may vary in severity based on the violation. Violation of the terms of this policy may result in:

1. Termination of a panel in progress and/or cancellation of a panel group’s scheduled panel(s)

2. Their badges which have the panelist badge discount applied to will be revoked.

3. Probation for the next convention year that a group requests to conduct a panel.

4. Panelists violating the terms of this policy while on probation will be subject to being banned from conducting a panel for a minimum of two convention years. During this time, banned panelists may not submit panel requests to Anime Central or act as panelists during the convention.

5. Extreme violation of the terms of this policy will result in immediate banning from conducting panels at Anime Central for a period of no less than two years and may result in a permanent ban. It is up to Anime Central staff to decide the severity of the violation.

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