murAta Yuzi

murAta Yuzi [JP] (Motion A Day)

Remember that awesome introduction video we had for each artist that played at the start of their set last year? Those were pretty well done huh? Well, our next guest is the creator of those videos and will be the VJ for this year’s Hardcore Synergy! Let’s give a warm welcome to murAta Yuzi!

This Tokyo native is a video producer with many connections to the underground music scene in Japan. He’s collaborated with HARDCORE TANO*C, SKETCH-UP! Recordings, and Boom Boom Satellites just to name a few. His work is most commonly and prominently on display for album releases during M3 and Comiket events. He also has done promotional videos for club events including last year’s Hardcore Synergy, the 2013 TANO*C Tour, and other HARDCORE TANO*C album release parties.

While the musical artists this year will be putting a lot of time up on the stage, it won’t compare to murAta Yuzi who will be handling all of our VJ equipment for the entire show and we’re really excited to see what he’s got in store for the crowds at this year’s show. This is his first international show, so please join us in welcoming murAta Yuzi to the United States!