Minamotoya (源屋) [JP] (MINAMOTRANCE)

Despite being his first overseas performance, the music of Minamotoya has traveled far and wide, with many of his tracks being played at conventions in the US and UK. 2005 is when he appeared on the scene, bringing the sound of UK Hardcore to Japan with the help of the burgeoning HARDCORE TANO*C label. Since then he’s gone on to work with a number of artists tied to the underground music scene, including Lia, Kors K, DJ Noriken, and REDALiCE.

Not wanting to limit himself to one style, Minamotoya has since added a large catalog of Uplifting and Progressive Trance tracks to his repertoire, which eventually lead to the creation of his own label, MINAMOTRANCE Sound, which is a staple at events like Comiket and M3 alongside SKETCH UP! Recordings, AliCE’S EMOTiON, and HARDCORE TANO*C. Minamotoya has also contributed a number of tracks to Konami’s music game, Sound Voltex, where he is a regular producer of remixes.

When he’s not working with software like Cubase and Sylenth, he can be found at one of the various venues that put on hardcore shows over the weekend, where he fuses the new styles of music that are being produced every day, with the old styles that got the scene to where it is today, creating a whole new atmosphere of sound. Please join us in welcoming Minamotoya to the United States for his first ever state-side performance.

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