Joel McDonald

Joel McDonald 2014

Guest Panels
Red Data Girl English Dub Premiere with Joel McDonald and Bryn Apprill (Friday)
Date A Live English Dub Premiere with Joel McDonald, Josh Grelle, Bryn Apprill, and Tia Ballard (Saturday)
Meet Joel McDonald! (Saturday)

Autograph Session
Red Data Girl: Joel McDonald & Bryn Apprill (Saturday)
Date A Live: Joel McDonald, Josh Grelle, Bryn Apprill & Tia Ballard (Sunday)

Joel McDonald plays Meow in Space Dandy and he’s currently co-directing the English dub of the series, but he’s done some other awesome stuff, too. His directing credits include Sgt. Frog, Deadman Wonderland, Initial D, and Big Windup!, not to mention the recently-announced Ben-To, Red Data Girl, Good Luck Girl, Date A Live, and Robotics;Notes. But you may also have heard him as Captain Flynt in Borderlands 2, Jacuzzi Splot in Baccano!, Takumi in Initial D, Minato in Sekirei, Poland in Hetalia, and Brief in Panty and Stocking. So come say hi. He’s nice.