Got Soap Contest

Congratulations to Natalie S. from Oswego, IL. for winning the 2014 Got Soap? t-shirt slogan contest! The saying for our 17th anniversary will be: “A Wild Soap Appears! What will you do? A: Lather B: Apply Bubbles C: Add Water D: Run Away!” Thank you to everyone who participated in this years’ contest! We sure had fun hosting and and we hope you had fun suggesting and voting for it! Don’t forget to drop by the official Anime Central Merchandise booth in May and pick up one of these fantastic shirts!

Hello, hello, Anime Central fans. It’s that time again for you to get involved in the creative process. The “Got Soap?” slogan for the 17th anniversary convention t-shirt is up to you! How can you participate? It’s easy. What you’ll need to do this year to submit your idea is post your suggestions in the forums under the contest thread between October 1st and October 10th. ACen staff will then compose a list of the appropriate and most creative submissions and post a poll here on the forums where they will be voted on by YOU! The first round of voting will begin October 12th and end on October 20th. From there, the top three slogans will be entered into a finalist poll. The second round of voting will open October 22nd and close October 30th. The person with the winning idea will be announced October 31st. Winner will receive a complimentary t-shirt with their slogan printed on it and a free badge for themselves. So dig down deep and send us your best suggestions for what you’d like to see people walking around in.

Just a few guidelines before you begin:

You may NOT use any printed slogans from previous years, however, you may use them as inspiration – new ideas people!
You may NOT use copyrighted or trademarked material.
All entries must be “family friendly” and PG13 to be taken into consideration
Slogan suggestions must have something to do with soap, suds, bubbles, showering, etc. If it doesn’t tie in to “Got Soap?”, it will unfortunately not be considered.
If your idea was not chosen from last years lineup, you may submit it again for this years shirt
Both attendees and staff may submit slogan suggestions:
Staff will only receive a free t-shirt if their idea is chosen.
By submitting a slogan into this contest you agree that Anime Central / MAPS has the right to reuse that slogan for the “Got Soap?” shirt and any other way they see fit.
Winner agrees to have their name posted on our social media outlets along with the slogan.
To claim complimentary badge, winner must have an account in the event system.
T-shirt art is created by the Anime Central Art & Publications Department.

So come on guys, get your creative juices flowing and start sending your suggestions in like the fate of the con rested on it. We’re really looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. This shirt slogan is up to you, so have fun with it and make it great for the 17th anniversary of Anime Central!

Past Winning Entries:
ACen 2013: ACen 2013 soapy sweet 16: looking and smelling the best.

ACen 2012: An unexpected error occurred. Program: C:\Program Files\ Anime Central\ mmjb.exe 404 Error- Soap not found

ACen 2011: “Front- Hello con-goers. Look at your fellow otaku. Now look at me, now back at your friends, now back to me! Sadly, you aren’t me. But if you start using soap and keep smelling fresh, you could be like me. Back- I’m on horse.”

ACen 2010: Soap; 15 minutes in a shower can save you 15% or more of your social life.

ACen 2009:(front) Got Soap? (Back) Just add water!

ACen 2008: “Hotel room: $139.00 per night.
Three day membership: $50 at the door.
Soap: priceless (no really it comes with the hotel room).”

ACen 2007: Got Soap?! ( Just white text on black shirt)