We here at Anime Central strive to make our convention as good as it can be, and we cant do that without input from you, our friends and fans. Below are a couple different feedback forms if you’d like to help us out.

ACen 2014 Survey
Complete this survey on the convention as a whole. You will be asked to rate different areas of the convention and the events you may have attended. This is the survey where we draw winners for prize packs after the convention has ended. Provide feedback here

ACen 2014 Individual Event Feedback

Do you have feedback to give on a specific event you went to here at Anime Central? A Panel, or Dance, or Main event? Provide that here

ACen 2014 Staffer Feedback

Did you have a ACen staffer go above and beyond for you this year? Or wish to provide notes about any of our staffers at con. Please leave your feedback here

Thank you for joining us at Anime Central 2014, we look forward to having you with us again next year!