Elegant Sweet 16 Tea Party

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Anime Central is pleased to present an exclusive, limited seating Tea Party, hosted by Atelier Pierrot designers Yuko Ashizawa and Eichi, and Enchantlic Enchantilly designer Fumiko Kawamura!

The tea party will take place Sunday, May 19th from 1:15 PM until 3:15 PM at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, in the London room (on the international level of the hotel). An advance-purchase ticket is required to enter the event, and tickets are limited.

The menu will include an assortment of teas, sweets, and finger sandwiches, and will be posted here prior to the event.
Please make note of the following requirements before purchasing a ticket:

Dress Code:
While lolita attire is not technically required, it is expected. Additionally, wearing at least one item(including accessories) of Enchantlic Enchantilly or Atelier Pierrot is required for this event. Please also note that wearing of replicas to this event is highly discouraged. For lolitas who are bringing dates, black- or white-tie formalwear is acceptable, as are formal military, fire, or law enforcement uniforms with supporting credentials.

Cosplay is not permitted. Any and all cosplay ensembles are inappropriate. Examples include, but are not limited to:
• Purposefully replicating anime characters and their respective outfits
• Purposefully replicating brand-themed coordinates (such as those in advertising or print campaigns) in a cosplay-like style or manner
• Mana cosplay
• Chii ears, Naruto headbands, cosplay wigs, etc.
• Cosplay-related props and/or weapons
Anyone wearing cosplay or any outfit deemed inappropriate will be asked to change or leave the event.

General Conduct:
Due to the limited space and liabilities involved, no dolls will be allowed at the tea party. Seating will be assigned on an individual basis. Asking for autographs outside of any designated autograph session is prohibited. Outside food and drink, and solicitations of any kind are strictly prohibited at this event. In consideration of others, please set all mobile communication devices to silent mode. Should you have to communicate with your mobile device, we ask that you temporarily excuse yourself from the party.

Single ticket price is $50.00. All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Tickets are bound to a specific Anime Central badge when purchased. Both the tea party ticket and the Anime Central badge it is bound to must be presented to gain entry to the event.

Tea party tickets are now on sale: CLICK TO PURCHASE