Dj Shimamura is one of the few internationally acclaimed Japanese hardcore producers. He is also the pioneer of the “J-core” scene, the culture which hardcore dance music and Japanese pop culture such as manga and anime has fused and evolved. .

Throughout his career, Shimamura has had original tracks and remixes featured in hit UK hardcore compilation series, “Hardcore Adrenaline 3 (2007)”, “Hardcore Nation 2009 (2008)”, “Hardcore Underground 4 / 5 (2009 / 2011)”, and “Die Another Day (2011)”. He has also successfully collaborated with Japanese artist Yui Sakakibara producing her hit singles “Eternal Destiny” and “Ready Go!”.

He has also made highly recognized remixes for UK drum & bass artist London Elektricity, top hardcore producers Brisk & V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D., and Japanese vocaloid producer “Deco*27” among many others.

Shimamura’s remixes has been selected by UK producer Kutski as one of the top 5 songs on “M8” magazine, a major music magazine in the UK. Also, when he released his first album “SX”, it was widely featured on BBC radio 1, and heavily played for three weeks consecutively.

This year, Shimamura will be making his debut on the latest version of the hit music game series “beatmania IIDX”. Once the word was out that his new track will be playable on beatmania IIDX SPADA, fans worldwide showed a wild reaction online.

Alongside his music production, Shimamura keeps busy running his own record label “Dynasty Records”, designing artwork for CDs, flyers, and digital releases, and flying all over the world DJing. His international DJ career includes gigs at Hardcore Underground (London), Hardcore Synergy (Chicago), Nocturnal Commissions (Toronto), Hardcore Havok (Hawaii), and CCG (Shanghai). In Japan, he has headlined “The day of Hardcore” the biggest hardcore party in the country for several years in a row, and also had successful performances at huge shows like “No Pan Night Shinkiba Studio Coast” (2011) and Re:Animation Shinjuku (2012).

With productions varying from mainstream releases to underground bootlegs, Shimamura’s aggressive style has inspired fans all over the world. He is a true professional who continues to deliver top-quality tracks, bringing excitement to dance floors and fans all over the world.

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