DJ Noriken

DJ Noriken [JP] (SKETCH UP! Recordings)

After lighting up not just Hardcore Synergy but also Soap Bubble in 2013, we had to bring back DJ Noriken. His label, SKETCH UP! Recordings continues to pump out major releases at each M3 and Comiket event, with fans eager to hear the latest in UK Hardcore, Hard Dance, and Tech House from some of Japan’s top talent. Noriken himself continues to be a major contributor to Konami’s Bemani game franchise, with a new track in the latest Beatmania IIDX game, titled Elektrik U-Phoria and a remix of DJ Yoshitaka’s SEED in Konami’s wildly popular Sound Voltex, and has even been asked to remix a track for Konami’s in-house producer, DJ Taka.

Since he started making music in 2007, DJ Noriken has focused on making UK Hardcore and Hard Dance tracks with the Hardcore Tano*C label. After forming SKETCH UP! Recordings he has gone on to produce the JP-H/D series, which can be considered the definitive collections of Hard Dance tracks from Japan’s emerging talent. When he’s not working on tracks for his own label, Noriken can be found on a number of different labels, making tracks for artists like Aran, Massive New Krew, Kors K, the Hardcore Tano*C label, and Solidbox Records. And if he’s not busy in the studio, he can be found in some of Japan’s underground clubs, performing at events like Gadget, and venues like Club Asia with many other members of Hardcore Tano*C.

If you happened to catch DJ Noriken last year, we highly recommend you don’t miss him this year, as his sound is constantly evolving and is surely going to be a major hit with everyone in attendance.

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