cranky [JP] (Feline Groove)

Our newest addition to the Hardcore Synergy has been making music since 1998, is the head of Feline Groove, and covers so many different genres that we don’t even know where to begin. Perhaps we should tell you who it is first huh? Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome cranky to his first American performance, and the second newcomer to the Hardcore Synergy line-up!

Featured in a number of music games from around the world, cranky has produced tracks for games like DJMAX Technika, Cross Beats, Tone Sphere, Cytus, NeonFM, and Pump It Up. Beyond that he has performed recently at the S2TB Gathering hosted by kors k, and continues to release tracks on his label Feline Groove.

Versatile doesn’t even begin to describe cranky, who has remixed songs like the Franz Liszt classic, La Campanella, and produced commercial tracks inspired by Pop, Club, Orchestra, and game music. But what we’re most excited about is his style of old school rave that he’ll be bringing to Hardcore Synergy, something that was almost exclusively handled in the past by JAKAZiD.

We’re beyond excited to be bringing cranky out for Hardcore Synergy, and we hope you’ll be in attendance for his first American show!

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