Autograph Policy

  1. Follow the instructions of the Anime Central staff.
  2. Each person is limited to two (2) items to be autographed.
  3. Guests only autograph officially licensed products and reserve the right to sign (or decline to sign) whatever they feel is appropriate.
  4. Photographs may be taken with some guests, but only with their permission and with time permitting. Ask first, and be aware that some guests will have more restrictive policies (such as not taking pictures, at all, without their permission).
  5. Be considerate of your fellow attendees and avoid having lengthy conversations with the guests during an autograph session.
  6. Autograph lines may be terminated at any point to keep events on schedule.
  7. Always be respectful of our guests. Those exhibiting rude behavior will be asked to leave the line and will not be admitted back in.

Autograph Advice

  • Check your Program Schedule for the Autograph Session times and locations. Updated schedules are posted around the hotel and at Customer Service. Then, prepare to wait in line. Plan ahead for lines at autograph sessions, as lines form quickly and can be very long. We do not, and cannot, guarantee that you will get an autograph from a particular guest.
  • Some guests may have photos available for purchase, either at their merchandise table or at the Autograph Session. These are perfect mementos to have signed. Some guests may have merchandise (pictures, CDs, artwork, posters, etc.) available at their Autograph Sessions.
  • Some of our guests may be willing to draw sketches with their autographs. If you receive a sketch, count yourself among the lucky few. Sketches are rare, and we cannot guarantee that all attendees will receive a sketch. It is entirely up to the guest if they wish to sketch for you. Sketches tend to take a lot of time, and they stress the guests (especially if there are several hundred people in line), so not everyone will/can receive one. The Program Book has space for the guests to sign or sketch.
  • Do not attempt to get a bootleg item signed. Our guests know which items are legitimate and which are not. If you have any questions about a product you want signed, please ask our staff.