Anime Central Guidebook

Once again, ACen is bringing back the Guidebook app! Improve your experience by taking the schedule, maps, Twitter updates and more with you on your phone or mobile device. Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and web-enabled devices, completely free. With this powerful app you can share photos, build schedules, and create to-do lists to help maximize your ACen experience!

The My ACen contains your notes, messaging, and to-do list for the convention.
Social and entertainment is where you will find our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Newsletter, and Website links.
Our feedback module lets you leave notes on events, staff, or activities at ACen to help us improve where needed and give kudos to those who went above and beyond whether they are our staff or hotel/convention center staff. ( this will be enabled at the event)

The Guidebook is now available. You will need to first download the Guidebook App, then search for the Guide Anime Central 2015! Make sure you check for updates daily and refresh the guidebook so your mobile app is always up to date!