If you’re coming to the Convention, you’re staying long enough to get hungry! “What is there to eat around here? Is there anything I’ll like?” Of course! There are lots to choose from, so if there isn’t anything you like, you probably don’t like food!

Located on the east side of the Convention Center is the Great Expoteria, an a la carte restaurant with a variety of fare. There are also concession stands throughout the Convention Center where you can get a quick snack or drink.

The Park at Rosemont entertainment district has many bar and restaurant choices (along with a movie theater, bowling alley, and comedy club), located on the west side of the Rosemont Public Parking Garage. It’s so new that they’re still adding more restaurants! For the most up to date info and restaurant specials visit their site at http://www.rosemont.com/the_park_at_rosemont.php.

If you’re going to leave the Convention to drive to a nearby restaurant, the parking lots may not have in and out privileges, unless you’re staying at the hotel and each hotel has different policies. Be sure to check with the front desk! For all the dining options in the city of Rosemont, visit their site at http://www.rosemont.com/dining.php.

If you’re staying at one of the many area hotels, room service is always excellent and makes you feel posh! Each hotel has many bar and restaurant choices within the hotel as well. Some hotels and restaurants may even have specials for our attendees, so don’t forget to mention ACen!

Optimally, cash and credit cards are much more portable, but bringing food with you can be an inexpensive alternative. If coming to the Convention is going to be a road trip for you, you may as well bring some meals, snacks, and munchies for the weekend. Remember that most hotel rooms don’t have microwaves or refrigerators, and depending on what kind of room you’re staying in, it might be against the fire code to have a hot plate or food warmer in your room. Be sure to check with the front desk!

If you’re just coming for the day, eat a good breakfast before you come to the Convention, treat yourself to one of the finer restaurants in the area for lunch, and then have a nice dinner after you leave.

Above all else, don’t forget to eat, and to eat properly! Otaku cannot live on Pocky alone! Don’t spend all your money on toys, t-shirts, and manga, forgetting that you have to eat for the rest of the time you’re at the Convention!

Where have you eaten at or around the Convention? Feel free to leave a comment!