Please join us in giving a warm Anime Central welcome to DJ Kagamine as a 2018 Soap Bubble Performer!

If you look up “Kagamine” in the dictionary, you will find it’s an ancient phrase meaning “He who makes crowds move uncontrollably with his music.” So when we tell you that music is his passion, you know that means you are in for the time of your life. Make sure to bring your best moves and your Gatorade!
He has melted faces and stolen hearts across the country with his open style, where he is just as comfortable spinning the newest trap and hardcore songs as he is playing remixes of iconic video game songs and TV show themes.  He winds his sets into memories you can’t ever forget, so be prepared to have your mind blown! Even Keanu Reeves confesses that DJ Kagamine is “The One.”
Snapchat @ DJ_Kagamine